Community input

The committee is there to put ideas into action, but we need your input to guide what we do! From 2010-2012, committee members conducted a community health assessment to better understand what citizens thought might help them increase their activity level.  The assessment consisted of:

  • Key informant interviews
  • Focus groups with local citizens
  • An ongoing community health survey. Results from this survey have been compiled as of late March, 2011 and are available here, but we want to hear from more of you.  So a new survey was launched in late 2013 – give us your input here.
But one of the best ways to give your input is to join one of our workgroups.
Email if you want to join any of the following:
  • Healthy/Local Food – improve access to healthy foods (farmers’ market, healthy options at restaurants, community gardens, cooking classes, healthy food in schools, fresh food in convenience stores).
  • Built Environment – advocate for sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes/trails, greenways/trails and parks.
  • Programs – creating programs or events that promote or increase physical activity (challenges, a mud run/obstacle course, teen programs, kids running club, MebFit, Mebane Walks)
  • Evaluation – collect data to help us improve programs, understand the needs of the community and properly report our results to stakeholders.
  • Communications – streamline our communications process and branding efforts to better inform the community and create a consistent message (newsletter, web/email sign up, etc.)